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The Windmill Preschool

Bolford Street Hall, Thaxted, CM6 2PY

"Children arrive happy and quickly settle into this calm and welcoming pre-school"

OFSTED, 2018

01371 831457 (session times only)


We are a fully inclusive preschool and welcome all families to our preschool. Children are accepted from the age of approximately 2½ until they move on to primary school. Children in nappies are welcome at the preschool.

Prospective new parents are welcome to pop in to the preschool at any time; a staff member will be glad to show you around and answer any questions you may have.


For information about what we offer please take a look at the About us section of this website. Or to request a printed prospectus and/or registration form, please contact us.


Once a completed registration form has been received your child's name will be placed on the waiting list. A £10 voluntary administration deposit is required when you return your application form.


Fees and funding

Our fees are £6.00 per hour for 2 year olds and £5.50 per hour for 3 & 4 year olds.  We do not charge for anything else at the preschool, snack is free and no top-up fees.


We are registered with Essex County Council to provide free early years education to 3 and 4 year olds. Eligible children are entitled to up to 15 hours' funding a week; this can be split between two settings. Your child will become eligible for government funding the term after their third birthday, ie:

● Birth date Sept-Dec: funding in January

● Birth date Jan-Mar: funding after Easter

● Birth date April-Aug: funding in September


We are also registered to receive funding for 2 year olds.


Please note that our income is supplemented by fund-raising, such as cake sales, christmas bazaar, car-boot sale etc (see Committee section).


30 Hours Funding for Working Families - whilst we are not able to offer you 30 hours at our pre-school, if you are eligible to receive 30 hours funding, and if we have the space, we can offer you more hours.  So, for example, if you registered your child for every session you could potentially receive 20 hours (if we had space in every session).  If you think you are eligible for 30 hours of funding you need to contact HMRC, or speak to us for more information.


Settling in

We appreciate that every child is an individual and therefore have no set policy for a child's admission into the preschool. We will discuss with parents how they would like to settle their child into the preschool and give support to them and their child. Parents and their children are welcome to visit the preschool before admission as often as they wish. Children are welcome to bring their special toy, cuddly or comforter to preschool if they wish, but no dummies at preschool.